Memorial Donations


Kozzie »

We are heartbroken . We lost our Kozzie tonight .

She went downhill fast so we took her to the ER as we did not want her to suffer any longer .... what a little trooper . We were so blessed to find her in Singapore 23 years ago . She was such a good friend .

Love you Kozzie . Forever.

♥ Steve & Kris Dimlich - In memory of The McConnell's beloved Kozzie


Luke »

In memory of Luke Leonard . He was a rescued GSD and learned all about love with the Leonard Family .

♥ Stephanie and Paul Leonard

Connie - Dad.jpg

Marion Collins (father of Connie Collins Eshelman) »

In memory of......

♥ Charlene Hansen - Hugs and condolences from her North Country Tennis Team, the Fuchsia Girls, upon the passing of her father


Pickles »

In Memory Of:

♥ Bobbie & Jack Mobley


Kathleen Marie ‘Katie’ Gillis »

Donation in memory of Kathleen Marie ‘Katie’ Gillis 1985-2017, daughter of our friend Robbie S. Meadors of Lawton, OK.

They are huge animal lovers. Katie’s obituary mentioned that she had a loyal Labrador retriever named Blake so I knew this was the organization to donate to in her name. Thank you also for all you do for the animals in our area!

♥ Mark & Stephanie Teed


Lincoln »

Today is the 1 year anniversary of when Lincoln got his wings. When I look back to all the times with him, I was blessed to get to have him in my life. In my heart there’ll always be a place for him forever. A part of him is always with me, no matter where I am.

In his memory I have donated $$$ to both of you!

♥ Helen Gughis


Jacqueline B. Smith »

♥ Barbara Hollers - In memory of Jacqueline B. Smith, Mother of Meredith S. Yankowski. Thank you for the wonderful work your organization is doing to save the animals.


Jim & Bear Foussadier »

♥ Kathleen M. Foussadier - In Memory Of


Jäger Telles »

In Memory of Jäger Telles : One wonderful lab who will be sorely missed by his family . RIP sweet boy .


Thomas Perkins »

In Memory of Thomas Perkins, beloved father of Patti Seefeldt & longtime foster and supporter of LSAWL .

♥ Anonymous - In honor of Patti Seefeld's Dad, Thomas Perkins, who has been involved in LSAWL for years. Your organization is near and dear to her heart.


Snickers »

Snickers passed last week after 7 wonderful years with his adopters. "Thank you again for giving us one of the best dogs ever! I will be in touch when the time is right, and I wish you and your family all the best come 2017."

The Chamberlin Family

Grammy Papa Sandy Xmas 1999.jpg

Glen and Martha Ann Parmley »

In memory of Our Papa and Grammy, Glen and Martha Ann Parmley, for the love they extended to each of us in their family. We are so thankful for Sandy, their lab, as she brought years of joy and happiness to our grandparents' lives.

♥ Debbie Alford


Bridget »

♥ Inbalance GROUP Fitness - This donation is in memory of Ronny Taylor's lab Bridget that recently passed. She was a beautiful yellow lab with the sweetest heart.

Max and Penny.JPG

Max Holmes »

♥ Teri Flores - This donation is in Memory of Max Holmes. Max is the father of my Step Mother Karen Mitchell. He passed away last week and was a BIG dog lover. He requested that his dogs ashes be buried with him. He did get his wish. Karen snuck the ashes in right before the closing of his casket. RIP Max With Love, The Flores family


Annie »

Koula Hanges - In memory of my Sweet Annie who passed away at home in her bed yesterday morning. Hopefully when my heart is ready I will be able to adopt a lab from you.


Kylo Turtoro »

In Memory of Kylo Turtoro

From his loving family :

We miss him everyday .

We want to thanks LSAWL for your wonderful work and support during our time of grieving . Knowing others love Kylo as much as we gives us comfort .

We look forward to a time when we can work with you again !


Koala »

Koala is now playing with Kodiak , Mackie , Katie and Keebo ... RIP my sweetest boy . Your Dad and I loved you so much ...

Koala was found by MC animal control in a hog pen in Conroe with his mom and numerous siblings. K-9 Corral was the rescue group that pulled him from the shelter at a time when the kill rate was 85% . No adoptions happening . Only rescue groups could save them . Chuck and I decided that Kodiak our Newf needed a buddy so we started thinking of where to go . I knew we needed to rescue a dog and we really were looking for a housetrained dog between 2-3 years . Only female too !

This was in Feb of 2000.

At the time I knew basically nothing about rescue but we had seen these folks at Petco at various times so we decided to try them first . So we stopped in and as I looked for an adult Chuck had seen a litter of pups and picked up this gorgeous little blue eyed boy and brought him over to me like a little kid and said " look at the baby !!"

That was it . We took him home and Kodiak took great care of her little brother . We...


Brandy »

Brandy was a red/black longhair Dachshund who would have been 12 in March.

She was a wonderful little dog full of life , chasing squirrels in her back yard & playing with her other furry friends; she was loved by all & will be greatly missed.

Fran Milburn in loving memory of Brandy, a beautiful and much loved red/black longhair Dachshund owned by Diana Henigan.

Lucy Simonton - In memory of Brandy, Dixie's sweet long time friend. We miss you every day. Love, Lucy Kaye and Dixie

Diana Henigan - in memory of Brandy Henigan

tucker 2.jpg

Tucker »

In Memory of a Beloved friend and family member of Ashley & Brent Boudreaux.


Attached at the hip and the heart for over 15 years! Tucker was a faithful, loving, spoiled rotten, and constant companion. Until we meet again, Mama's Baby Boy.

♥ In memory of Tucker Boudreaux, with love from the JLTW Board of Directors.


Maggie »

In Memory of Maggie

An LSAWL alumni . Adopted and adored by the Schroeder Family .

Maggie…you were always a great girl. All of us wish that you had been better cared for In your previous life and had been able to live 10 more years with your new loving family.

You deserved all that love that they gave you.

Hugs Maggie. XO

♥ Chuck & Laura McConnell

♥ Kathryn Schroeder

0003 KatyinME 10-15-14.jpg

Katy »

♥ From Laura & Chuck McConnell “ and your sis Bailey were lucky girls to get out of the Dallas Street shelter in Conroe many years ago . You were so well loved by the Day family. And we know you gave that love back in so many ways. Say hi to Mackie , Kodiak , Katie M , Keebo and Kooky for us !”

♥ Anonymous


Mackie McConnell »

Mackie. You were the first pup we saved for the LSAWL Lab Rescue program . You were at MCAS and had been bitten by a pit bull mom in the kennel there. We took you out and then you came down with PARVO . You survived . We could not let you go to another home after that struggle . You were one of the best dogs ever and are so missed by all of us . Your brothers and sisters send their love and licks and woofs . Love you Mackie. Hope you are swimming and getting lots of ball time.

♥ Mike & Lori Day

♥ Angela Dubose

♥ Chuck & Laura McConnell

Gabby down_edited-1.jpg

Gabbi »

Beloved Best Friend of Carol, Larry and Shelby

♥ Mike & Lori Day

♥ Chuck & Laura McConnell


Rosie Ramos »

The Mutka family baked brownies and helped us raise $38 at the Fix a Bull

event in Memory of Rosie Ramos .


Bootsie »

In Loving Memory of Bootsie who will be greatly missed by the Hartz Family .

She was as they said “The best dog we ever had .”


Richard T. Mahnke »

Richard and his wife Joyce adopted Marvin ( Now Marlee) from LSAWL and are asking that donations in his Memory be sent to LSAWL for the continuation of our Lab rescue mission .

Joyce stated :

He loved his dog whom we call MarLee ( Marvin) so much and MarLee gave so much love in his last days! I think he worried more about if MarLee would be OK than his wife!!!! Made me promise I would always take care of MarLee, no matter what!!!

♥ Paula Hansen

♥ Melton Electric

♥ Young and Sons Drywall

♥ Phyllis Steffek


Jason P Keat »

Donations made In Memory of Jason Keat will help us save more labs !!

Here is his beloved adopted lab Lola …so cherished by Jason and Donna. One lucky lab who found a family who adores her!

Thank you Jason and Donna for being wonderful pet parents …Jason. You will be missed. We know that the dogs in heaven will love having another lap to snuggle on!

♥ The Riddell Family

♥ Debbie Campbell

♥ Karen Schmidt

♥ John Twomey

♥ William and Jill Maloney

♥ William and Veronica Matthaei

♥ Theresa Petacio

♥ Michael Smith

♥ Peter and Barbara Demour

♥ Glaziers and Glass Workers Local

♥ Gary and Sandra Mitchell

♥ The Buying Co., Inc.

♥ kondti09

0856 Jim 3-23-13-1.jpg

Jim McCullough »

All of us have met people on our journey who have made a profound impact on our lives. Jim McCullough did that for me and many of us volunteering for Lone Star Animal Welfare League. I met Jim after a SPRING BARK event when he called and said he would like to meet me and find out about our organizations missions. I met with Jim and Bob at a Starbucks. Our former Treasurer Tamie Boyd came with me. We explained what our accomplishments had been to that point and what our dreams were . We came away impressed with how animal focused they both were and how kind they were. Not long after that, The McCullough Foundation made a very generous donation to help us with not only our Fixing Montgomery County Program but also our Lab Rescue Program.

There is NO DOUBT in my mind that Jim gave us the " wind beneath our wings" to accomplish so much for the animals here in Montgomery County. Because of Jim and his support, thousands of unwanted litters were prevented . They would have died in shelters or been dumped on roadsides. When we discussed such matters as...


Bill Robinson »

It is with great sadness that I am sending you news of Bill Robinson's passing . I heard from Kris D this afternoon that he went into the hospital for some tests yesterday , was staying the night and unexpectedly died during the evening.He was an avid supporter and volunteer of LSAWL and also a great volunteer for The Friendship Center. Bill was a straight shooter type of guy. I first "met" him through a phone call in which he inquired about helping us through a dance being held by his 60 plus Dance Club fundraiser . Their club donated $1900 ( each) to LSAWL and Tiny Paws Rescue through that effort alone. His interest and dedication for our missions was demonstrated through his volunteering at many of our Pet Health Fairs . Even with bad knees Bill still volunteered at our recent Mutts & Putts Golf Tournament.

He was a huge help at these events. Montgomery County has lost a wonderful caring soul with the loss of Bill Robinson.

Bill , God bless you !!! On behalf of LSAWL and many other volunteers , we thank you for your big heart for the...



♥ Kitty Strawbridge IN MEMORY of SHEFF Strawbridge


Lady »

RIP dear girl. 7/4/2002-1/22/2014. Always in our hearts.

♥ Becky Pine - In memory & honor of Doreen & David Coffey's dog Lady. May you run pain free & play with the squirrels.

♥ Chuck & Laura McConnell


Neuman »

♥ Kitty Strawbridge - In memory of Neuman, and with grateful thanks for my dear Annie.


Franco »

♥ In memory of Franco, Keith and Cherokee Carlson’s wonderful dog. He was so loved by both of you and will be sorely missed. Joan and Chuck McLouth

♥ In Memory of Franco Harris Carlson - Dawn Caldwell


Coco Chanel »

LSAWL rescuers are saddened by the update of the loss of sweet Coco Chanel . She was an awesome example of how wonderful a RESCUE dog can be . Totally sweet , loyal and devoted to Karin , we are happy that she had this time to have that love reciprocated by Karin.

Leah sweet 31Oct12.JPG

Leah »

Leah, you would have made any family a wonderful companion. All of us at LSAWL loved you especially the Seefeldt family who fostered you with great devotion . Thank you for being a great little girl!


Michelle Chisum »

Friend. Foster. Animal Rescuer. All of us from LSAWL will miss your laughter, your smile , your devotion to helping homeless animals. We love you . Will you hug and kiss all of our “furry kids” in heaven for us? I know, always asking…fostering now in heaven!!!

If you would like to make a donation In Memory of Michelle, you can click on the pay pal online donation button or send your memorial gift to our PO BOX address listed below.

Please send your tribute and name to Laura McConnell and she will send it to our webmaster to add to our page. Thank you for your gift honoring our dear friend. Our volunteers and her fellow foster parents will miss her greatly. We know that she is in heaven consoling new furry residents who might feel the pain of leaving their families here on earth.

Contributions received "In Memory of Michelle Chisum"

♥ The McConnell Pack - laura, chuck, mackie, koala, nell, keeper, chubbie (Michelle loved her smileJ), pepper, mickey and billy, keebo and kozzie.

♥ Magda...