Community Partners

LSAWL is so very thankful for ALL of our community partners. We would not be able to accomplish our goals and missions without your help and support.

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Lone Star Animal Welfare League is truly counting our blessings. So often, we are humbled by the support of the many individuals and businesses who recognize our efforts to help our community through our Fixing Montgomery County program, our Rescue efforts and our community outreach programs.

WE ARE SO GRATEFUL and indeed honored by our largest supporter, Gillman Subaru North (aka TEAM GILLMAN) for their SHARE THE LOVE donation of $38139. Over the years, Gillman has SHARED THEIR LOVE with our organization so that together we were able to help so many folks in our community.

Our microchip events at their location have been beneficial to many. Please continue to watch both of our Facebook Pages (LSAWL and Team Gillman)

Without Team Gillman much of these accomplishments would not have been possible. ❤️ Thank you Gillman Subaru North for your generosity!


Thank you to our 2023 Community GRANT Partners!!

These Foundations contribute to our community efforts and support our Spay & Neuter Programs. We are pleased to partner with them in our efforts to Fixing Montgomery County.

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