Tara & Belle

She is doing great!! We got her spay done 2 weeks ago. She's healed and back

to her normal energetic, curious, quirky self.

She is fitting in beautifully. When she and Jersey aren't wrestling around

at home, she loves the dog park and playing in the river. She is getting

bigger by the day and now weighs 26lbs. She walks great on a leash (with a

couple corrections) and is a super fast runner - she can bolt from one side

of the field behind our house to the other (the length of a football field)

in no time flat. She had a phase where she liked to dig in spots all over

the yard for fun, but is learning that we shouldn't do that. Not to mention

she's so cute so it's hard to stay mad for long.

She is fantastic with my niece and nephew and has become quite the cuddle

bug. And nothing makes her happier then an ice cookie ;-)

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