Rudy and Charlie

Hi everyone!

Just thought I'd take a minute to say hi and send a quick update/picture of the boys. We recently hit the 3-month mark since picking up our little Charlie at Walmart (my friends get a big kick out of hearing that's where we got him). He has settled into a nice routine here, especially since school has been out for summer. After being curled up in his bed next to ours all night, he wakes up to breakfast and then gets multiple games of fetch throughout the day (depending on the heat). I'm a homebody so he has become my little buddy and is by my side all day. Rudy has become accustomed to having another dog in the house and the play between the two seems to have increased in the last few weeks and is going well!

Chris and I regularly comment on how we can't believe someone wanted to get rid of this dog. He is SO easy. He wasn't fully house trained to start but now is a pro and doesn't get crated at all any more! He has a few issues when we're out with counter surfing and likes to raid the bathroom garbage. But if we are diligent about putting food away and closing doors there is nothing to worry about. It's just a shame that for 3 years he had a home and a family and then was seen as disposable. Chris brought home "Ace's" intake paper from the facility in Texas and he looks so scared in the picture you just want to cry for him. You should all be happy to know that, although still quite serious, he has developed quite the pep in his step and you can tell he's a happy boy. First thing in the morning he always does a cute little run around the yard like he's happy to start the day.

It took Rudy about 6 months to finally realize he was our dog for good and you felt the bond solidify. Charlie is getting there and we really look forward to that lasting bond with him.

We hope all is well with everyone and that summer is bringing you good times!

Take care and we'll be writing again soon!

Molly, Chris, Rudy, & Charlie

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