Oakley (aka Tallie)

She’s doing great! We’ve named her Oakley. I’ve attached a picture I took after work yesterday when we were playing with a tennis ball in the back yard.

She sleeps thru the night. Just one or two whimpers when she first goes into the kennel. But then she lays down and is quiet all night.

Doing very well with the house training. She already goes to the back door when she needs to go out (most of the time!). She had an accident on her bed in the living room yesterday. Ady said Oakley was napping so hard that she didn’t wake up to go out. Not a big deal. Ady said yesterday was a typical mix of playing and napping, and that Oakley doesn’t seem to be missing the other dogs she’s used to being around.

The boys love her. She helps us wake them up in the morning! And she’s super-excited when they get home from school. She’s learning the stairs. Sometimes she forgets they make her nervous, and she runs all the way up to be with the boys. Then someone has to carry her down when she’s ready.

Oakley and Ady have really bonded already. It’s fun to watch Oakley follow Ady around and perk up when she talks. We took her for a walk last night. I think she does very well on a leash for a puppy.

Just a wonderful puppy! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a puppy that likes her tummy rubbed as much as Oakley! We are so fortunate to have found her. Thanks for all the help in adopting her!


Oakley aka Tallie.JPG