Molly & Sadie

Just wanted to update you on Molly and Sadie. They are both doing well. Sadie is so easy. Easy on a leash, easy in the house, and so food-motivated and eager to please we had her sitting and waiting for meals within five minutes of training. We have a few things we are working on - like staying off the counters! She swiped a chicken carcass off the counter the other night when I went into the pantry. Luckily I was right around the corner and she didn't actually eat any of it. More tham anything, she is really just big a lap dog. So sweet.

Molly is doing great with going potty outside. She actually hadn't had any accidents in over a week until last night! And last night wasn't an accident. She is a mad pee-er. I shut them out of Emily's room while I was putting her to bed because they wouldn't stay off the bed and when I went out Sadie was sleeping in her bed in my room and Molly was pacing and had peed on the new rug in Em's playroom and chewed up some toys. Grrrrr.... She is so sweet and such a good dog but she is so attached to me I literally can't leave the room without her freaking out. She has been like this since she got here, and I am actually working with a trainer now because even when Matt and Emily are here with her, she gets upset if she can't see me. Lucky for her she is usually with me! Other than that, she is good. It's funny how different they are; it took me a week of stand-offs with Molly to get her to sit for meals on her own. STUBBORN. I love the trainer I am working with and he says it's a yellow lab thing. He is all about calm and I love it.

I lost my first shoe Thursday in 17 years of dog ownership as an adult. That's not bad. It was so cold here that I didn't take them for a long walk first thing in the morning and I had to run out for an hour in the morning. It was one of only two days since they have been here that they didn't get a really long walk. And they weren't happy. I came back to some of my couch cushions being pulled onto the floor, a shoe down and the entry rugs in the mudroom balled up. Stinkers! I actually don't believe they are five. They are more like three!

They visited my inlaws with us for the first time last weekend. They seemed to enjoy the trip. Although Molly was even more obsessed with me for a few days after. Poor girl. I know she sees me as her constant now. Stability. They are both so good in the car. Amazing. Their beds are next to my side of the bed, and they do not get up until I do. Matt gets up, Emily will get up and they will be downstairs doing whatever, and the girls won't go without me. Kind of cute. They love me! Haha.

I had my girlfriend and her three year old son over last night. Emily and the boy were running around, pushing cars around and just being loud. Both of the girls were so unaffected. They each just stayed on their beds and slept for the most part. But they didn't show any signs of being nervous or anything. They truly have wonderful dispositions.

Oh, and Molly discovered the tv last week and now growls and barks at it - usually if there is a man on. Cracks me up.

I gave them their first doses of heartworm preventative and frontline yesterday. Hoping we finally start to see some signs of spring this week too.

Anyway, all is well and we are having fun. I have been slacking with pictures lately, sorry!

Hope all is well with you!

Thanks for these cuties!


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