Hi Ladies,

So sorry for the lack of updates :-).

The girls are doing very well (a few photos are attached).

Lily is now officially a part of the family (you can't have her back...ha ha)! She and Zoe are getting along very well. Lily is actually less high maintenance than Zoe.

Lily is super sweet and loving (she won't go to bed until both of us do, so if I am working late so is Lily) and she follows us everywhere in the house, including the bathroom (she gets a nice head massage then so maybe not such a bad idea on her part). She has learned to ride in the car and seems pretty comfortable doing so. She has been a bit nervous with other dogs, but we are working on dog socialization and she is doing very well. I don't believe she had ever swam in a pool before we adopted her but now she swims laps on her own and seems to like water very much. My daughter Charlotte who hasn't met her yet but sees her on face-time can't get over how shiny and beautiful her fur is and I agree (I would trade in a minute with Lily for her hair).

Lily has also proven to be good with the neighborhood children...Yay!. However, the backyard squirrels are not as lucky and they are much more on alert with her living here than before (glad I am not a squirrel because she means business with them).

Overall, I believe she is very happy with her new home. We certainly are happy with her and are so grateful to all of you (but especially Tammy who I believe put lots of time/love into her) for saving her so we could have the opportunity to fall in love with her.

Kind Regards,