Hi "Mom"...Keenan here.....Thanks so much for thinking of me....and my birthday is just a few days away ( Dad celebrates it this time of year, as this is when he brought me to my forever home"....This has been the best year ever!!!...I am sooo loved, and I've become a real superstar....My dads are so proud of me, and they say I couldn't be more perfect !...I love this time of year because we all run on the beach every morning ( I even try to go swimming some mornings when I chase ducks in the water , but dad tries to stop me in my tracks...he says it's too cold, but I don't mind it at all )...also, at night I get to curl up on the couch with my brother Ben the Black lab ( who I horse around with all day and torment at times - in a good way- , but we really love each other )....We are all so blessed...Life doesn't get better than this !

PS...I was thinking of you on Valentines day but didn't get to send you flowers this was real busy taking care of some personal family stuff...His dad had just passed away the previous week, then a few days later his elderly friend ( who he had been a caretaker for ) passed away too.....he was real upset, but I helped him get through it....I guess it's all part of the journey....His spirits are better now and he said we can have a real fun birthday !

Well, that's it from the Cape....Please come visit...You'd love it here...maybe we can go swimming together !!

Miss ya



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