Sweet, quiet little guy about 5 months old, what can we say about you? You came into the shelter as a stray, already a tripod and so scared of the chaos and loud noises. Such a quiet and shy little guy when you were brought to your foster home, you got a bath, a clean bed, and your first of many warm meals. You battled through distemper like a champion, and now you’ve grown from a skinny, scared tiny puppy into a mischievous and playful gangly boy. You love to play, run and chase your fellow doggie housemates, and wrestle with them in the front yard. You enjoy running and flopping onto your bed with a chew toy that you stole from one of the other dogs, or carry around your favorite squeaky foxie.

And you’re in love with your foster sisters, jumping on them and pawing at them to get them to play with you, rolling around on the floor or chasing them through the house. You’re almost completely potty trained and haven’t had an accident in the house while people are there. You sleep quietly through the night and know to go to the door when you want outside. And you’ve figured out the doggy door too, such a smart little guy.

You have yet to learn about leashes and walking in the neighborhood, but you’ve been ill and healing up yet, and we’re taking things slowly. You’ll need patience and guidance but I know you’ll love exploring the world with your new people.

You’re shy around new people, but once they introduce themselves you’ll follow them around for attention. We haven’t tried you with cats yet, but I think you might confuse them with squeaky toys until you find out they don’t like to be played with.

You’re good in your crate and used to spending time in there while people are away. You might complain at first but soon you settle down and sleep until they return to let you out in the yard.

Thank goodness we pulled you out of the shelter and got you all better! Wrigley, I think you’ll make some family a very loyal and sweet companion, and I can’t wait to follow you on your journey.

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