Hi my name is Sammy! Aren't I just about the cutest little boy you've ever seen? I had a rough start in life as my previous family had me living outside in the rain and cold...can you imagine - a little tot like me? But a nice lady found me and got me on the road to a great life! She contacted this group of people called a rescue....I don't know what that means but my new friends are treating me well! They got my shots and are giving me a warm bed and good food and I never have to stay out in the cold anymore. I've learned how to retrieve foster mom says I'm very smart and eager to please! She even has taught me to sit already. I haven't told her this but I really try to please her so she'll help me find a loving mom and dad who will care for me forever. As you can see from my pics I'm still a little tyke now but I'm going to grow up to be a med-large boy. I'd love to have a family with kids and maybe a canine brother or sister to play with. I know I'm totally adorable but keep in mind I'm a little boy who will need guidance and training. And please plan on crating me so I can perfect my housetraining and have a little house all my own. I hope to meet you soon! Contact my foster mom if you can give me a loving permanent home!