1. HI! My name is Sam. I am a neutered male, 6yo, beautiful (emphasis on the BE-U-TI-FUL!) Black lab. I weigh in at approximately 70lbs.

2. My foster mom and Lone Star Animal Welfare League rescued me from the Montgomery County Animal Shelter right before Christmas, and boy was I ever glad. I’d been there for more than 3 months, as I was picked up as a stray right after Hurricane Harvey. The people at the shelter were very nice, but I was really scared. My former owners didn’t treat me very well. I have scars around my neck that we think are from imbedded collars and I have Heartworms. The really good people from LSAWL are going to get my teeth cleaned (so they will sparkle!) and get rid of the worms. My Foster Mom says she will be beside me the whole way!

3. I have a bunch of foster siblings. Two are dogs about half my size and we get along just fine when sissy isn’t trying to be the boss of me! My brother and I are buddies. If sissy gets too bossy I just walk away. I’m super friendly with the neighbor’s dogs. My girlfriend lives behind us. She’s a little itty-bitty pitty. My other siblings are cats! I like them just fine. I will sniff at them and if they don’t want to socialize, I leave them alone. I am not aggressive.

4. I’m working on my housetraining. Regular potty breaks and patience are helping me with this everyday. I love my crate. It is my safe spot. I sleep in it all night long without needing to go out and potty. Mom believes this is the first time I have been invited to come inside a home. I didn’t know what a TV was and the different noises inside can easily startle me. I’m working on commands Attention, sit, and down and we are going to learn walk nicely so Mom’s workout isn’t harder than mine when we walk! I am working on Come.

5. I am a low energy dog. Currently the Heartworms make me cough when I exert myself too much so Mom keeps me quiet. I have a really nice bed and I lay beside her chair. I do love my morning cuddles and kisses time. Mom is the best! I do like walks but I pull hard on a lead. We are working on that!

6. I am VERY slow to trust, especially men. Mom thinks a man may have abused me. I love my Mom and look to her for the comfort and reassurance that she always provides. I am a happy boy when she says I’ve been a good boy and I go to her for loving. I will give her my paw and bow down and I love to bury my face in her legs and get her kisses.

7. I don’t show much interest in toys or bones and Mom believes that is because I was never given any before and don’t know how to play with them. Just recently, she bought me a huge, floppy stuffed giraffe. He is my crate-mate and I love to rest my head on him like a pillow.

8. I’m not sure if I would like to swim or not. It’s too cold right now to try, but I have been to the Dog Park with my foster siblings. It was ok, but my backyard is better because I know (and Mom knows!) who’s back there! She’s a bit of a helicopter mom and she worries about our safety and anxiety levels 24/7.

Sam is having his dental on Jan 28th and then in early February will start his two month treatment for heartworms . He is loving life out of the shelter and enjoying the comforts of his wonderful foster family.

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