SHORT, DARK, AND HANDSOME! Riggins is a sweet and gentle 3 year old pocket sized (37 lb) Labrador Retriever mix for that big dog look in a small dog package. He is super mellow while in the house but playful at the dog park with his friends. He has no interest in being alpha dog. He just wants to have fun and let someone else call the shots. Riggins is smart and quickly learns what is expected of him. He doesn't jump on furniture and only barks if the doorbell rings. He loves little children and a house full of people. During a party he can be found lying on the floor in the middle of the action. Ever the optimist, he loves to sneak into the garage and sit next to the car in the hopes that someone will decide to go somewhere and take him with them. He enjoys pet friendly stores and sitting out on the dining patios of restaurants that are dog friendly. He patiently waits for kids and adults to come over and give him a scratch behind the ears. Riggins’ wish list includes a home with another dog, and he would love an active household or one where someone is around to hang out with him most of the time. Application, home visit, and vet reference required. Riggins says “let’s talk!”

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