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Hi everyone,

We cannot thank ALL of you enough for precious Emma. I would've emailed you earlier in the day, but we had a friend's birthday party to attend. The whole party, the girls wanted to rush home to Emma. We have all fallen absolutely in love with sweet Emma. We definitely want to finalize our adoption with Emma. She is an absolutely perfect fit with our family. What an incredible blessing & gift she is to our family. Thank you SOOO VERY MUCH for rescuing & saving her for us! Since our Samantha passed away last year, we have all felt a void & deep sadness. Emma has brought renewed happiness & love into our household. I am telling you, it was that rainbow leash! =) We'll always joke that is how we knew it was a sign that she was our forever lifelong companion & best friend even before we ever met Emma.

Emma is just the sweetest, most loving, precious little puppy ever. All any of us want to do is stay home & play with her all day long! She is so much fun & so loving. We are so in love with Emma. She is precious.

I am not sure who took the 3 amazing Emma pictures on Petfinder, but can you PLEASE kindly email us those 3 photos as we are going to include those in our family scrapbook this year to introduce our newest family member! =) We also want to print those out & make a collage photo frame to display next to Smantha's pictures. We gave Kristin copies of the 3 photos that we printed off Petfinder that we would LOVE to have copies of Emma without all the words from Petfinder.

We will treasure & cherish every precious moment with Emma. Thank you all so very much for the happiness & love you bring to so many lives through the work, time, effort & energy you put into rescuing these precious gifts from above.

With Much Appreciation & Gratitude,

Rob & Amy