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Lone Star Animal Welfare League’s policy is that we will not adopt to families with children under 8 years of age. We have found that parents with young children have a difficult time giving needed attention and training to pups and adult dogs . These families are very busy and adding a dog to the equation can be an added burden . While this has been decided with much regret , we have found that returns have usually involved when we have placed dogs with families with young children or infants. Many rescue groups are in agreement because they find this a recurring problem. Thank you for understanding.

LSAWL missions are varied.

Our primary mission is our FIXING MONTGOMERY COUNTY Program. Through FMC we have spayed and neutered more than 3500 pets of folks who have needed assistance with the cost of this procedure. Our NON PROFIT has helped alter more than 300 animals this year alone. It is critical that this program continues to exist.

Our other mission is our LAB rescue program. Due to limited foster space we have needed to board some of our dogs and this and veterinary expenses have been a drain on our finances. WE are proud to say that since 2007 , we have saved more than 2500 labs and lab mixes and have found them wonderful families. BUT without donations and fosters we cannot continue . We need to make sure our FMC program continues its good work and therefore prevent the endless numbers of puppies and kittens from being dumped in our local shelters.

If you are wanting to surrender your pet please consider other options.

1. Enlist the help of a good trainer.

2. Consider a good doggie daycare facility that will help tire your dog while you are at work . A good dog is a TIRED DOG!

3. Commit to giving your dog more exercise every day. This will help burn off excess energy of your dog , help your own health and will help you BOND more with your best friend.

4. Your veterinarian may have some ideas if you are having issues such as housetraining issues or behavioral issues.

5. Do your research! Your dog is part of your family . Your commitment to working through issues with your dog should be the same as working through issues with any member of your family.

Teaching your children that pets are NOT disposable will give them a great foundation for the rest of their lives. Commitment . Persistence . Family Values.

Thank you for visiting us with the intention of adopting your next family member! Our program is called LSAWL Lab Rescue and since June of 2007, we have saved and adopted out more than 3000 labs, lab mixes and some etcs! Our dogs are totally vetted. Each has been given rabies, DHPP, bordatella vaccines, fecals, heartworm tests (treated if tested positive), and of course are spayed or neutered. Each dog is also microchipped.

If you cannot adopt at this time we hope that you might consider fostering a dog which could help us pull one more dog and save another life from euthanasia.

LSAWL Lab Rescue and many wonderful dogs could use your help!! Please contact for more information on any of our dogs.


If you are interesting in adopting one of our best friends, please download and fill out the below adoption application and send by e-mail



Ava »

Ava was saved from a local shelter the day before euthanasia . She had a lump and bad skin issues and we were told this shelter will put down for these issues.

The lump was from infection due to her flea dermatitis / secondary skin infections. Antibiotics, good food and great foster care are working their magic . She had the lump removed , a dental and is now spayed . She is such a loving petite girl ( 50 lbs), great with...

Charlie aka Boone1-cvr.jpg

Charlie »

Charlie is a 7-8 ( 40 lbs) month old pup who was dumped in a neighborhood . His Good Samaritan Finder reached out to us and vetting is completed . He is now vaccinated , neutered , fecal neg and hw neg . He is ready for a good home . In rescue we find many dogs that were not given ANY structure in their lives . This young pup is now getting crate training and that ever important structure so that he knows what is acceptable behavior . How is...

Kelly G Procvr.jpg

Kelly Garrett »

This is a courtesy post. If you are interested in meeting Kelly, please contact If you would like to fill out an application for her, please go to The application is at the top of the page.

Who is almost 6 months old, one hundred percent house-trained, crate trained, a lovable girl, and one of the most sociable human and dog puppies in the world? Kelly is!

This girl has...


Mollie »

Mollie is a young, single, black female in search of a forever family with cats, dogs and people who are home! She is a great running partner and she loves long walks, playing in the baby pool, and trying to coax our older dogs and the cats into playing with her. Mollie tolerates her crate, is mostly housebroken, and loves to hang out next to me while I’m working at home or, well, hanging out. She weighs about 42 pounds and we estimate...

Lexi 7-5-18-5cvr.jpg

Lexi »

Last available sweetheart of the Fabulous Four ! 10 weeks old

Please contact for an application .

Lillie 6-29-18cvr.jpg

Lillie »


Lillie will do best in a quieter home with no children or older children. A large yard would be best as she loves to run around and play outside. Lillie is a low maintenance dog, but is young and needs daily walks and exercise. She will need to be crated when home alone. She does well in her crate for 4-5 hours and then will need a potty break. A home with another friendly dog is important so that the family dog can show her the...