10 days with Wilson -

10 days ago another group asked for help . One of their volunteers with dogs had died from Covid complications . One dog , Wilson , a very lab mix needed a foster . Since he was dog and cat friendly , our fosters Brandi and Monty were able to take him in . Some anxiety issues so these will need to be understood by an adopter . Such as flinching when you reach for him ... resulting in submissive urinating . He was not treated with kindness at one point in his life . He would be ideal as an only dog or with a savvy owner who restricts toys and ball throwing . He’s 2 years old and 55 lbs . This is from his foster mom Brandi .

In 10 days, we have seen Wilson come out of his shell. He was a bit nervous and confused coming to a house of crazy after losing his human to illness. In the beginning, there were some accidents in the house, but he has overcome and lets us know when he needs to go out. Sometimes, he wants to go out and chase squirrels, but when he whines, it means he needs to potty. He LOVES to be loved. He LOVES to give kisses and lay right next to you. He was the best bed warmer during this arctic blast and would love nothing more than to have someone to give him a lot of their personal space. You will catch him watching you like some sort of furry little stalker because he just wants to be with you. He enjoys his crate and goes into it easily. He has shown that he may be a bit food and toy aggressive, but it's not all the time and he gives a warning growl so you know he's not happy with sharing. He has not lashed out in any way, but it would be best to keep high value treats (marrow bones seem to be a trigger in his foster home) and at the dog park he's not about to share any balls. He's good with our cats, even after being slapped around a few times by a cranky feline. He's good with our dogs, but if he had all of your attention, he'd be okay and probably not miss having another dog in the house. He really enjoys walks and is good on leash while wearing a harness. He's a pretty quiet boy and rarely barks. He's still learning the ropes in regard to playing with other dogs. He's not quite sure what's happening when his foster brothers try to initiate play, but he did give a play bow this week then got scared and ran to the couch to see what happened. He also really enjoys perching on the back of the sofa to have a bird's eye view of the area. Wilson is pretty low energy for a young dog and is happy to walk with you or veg on the couch binge watching a show and eating snacks with you.

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