Mollie is a young, single, black female in search of a forever family with cats, dogs and people who are home! She is a great running partner and she loves long walks, playing in the baby pool, and trying to coax our older dogs and the cats into playing with her. Mollie tolerates her crate, is mostly housebroken, and loves to hang out next to me while I’m working at home or, well, hanging out. She weighs about 42 pounds and we estimate that she is 10-12 months old. She is scheduled to be spayed on 6/19, has her shots, and is heartworm negative. Mollie loves to be surrounded by her family and would be much happier in a home with other dogs (and cats) that will play with her. She is the submissive dog in my house and gets along with the cranky old senior dogs who live here. She would not be happy as an only dog unless she could be with her human all the time. She is careful about approaching new people, but has settled in nicely here and her big personality is lots of fun. We do not have young children to expose Mollie to, but I feel she would be a wonderful companion for an older child.

If you would like to meet Mollie or would like further information, please contact

Adoption Fee is $200.00

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