Mabel is a 3-4 year old lab who found herself languishing in a shelter in Texas . She had a cyst on her head that the shelter vet did nothing about and so time after time she was passed up for adoption . LSAWL her out and their vet surgically removed it . ( it was only an infected cyst ) . Mabel was used as a helper dog in the shelter doggie play groups , meaning she greeted the other dogs and put them at ease .

She has been with a temp foster healing from her surgery and has enjoyed being in a home with a family . Mabel loves sleeping with their 9 year old son , and long walks with the mom ( she’s great on leash ) . She is very good motivated And has learned so much already . One thing she did not have to learn was how to snuggle . She’s an expert snuggle bug for sure !

If you want to add a wonderful loving lab girl to your family please contact