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Lillie will do best in a quieter home with no children or older children. A large yard would be best as she loves to run around and play outside. Lillie is a low maintenance dog, but is young and needs daily walks and exercise. She will need to be crated when home alone. She does well in her crate for 4-5 hours and then will need a potty break. A home with another friendly dog is important so that the family dog can show her the ropes. She will follow their lead and feels more comfortable with another dog in the home.


This is Miss Lillie. She has come SO far in just a few weeks. Only a couple of weeks ago she was too scared to even come in the house. She wouldn’t come much off the rug in the living room and was quite certain that I was going to kill her for sure. One day she went outside and I could not get her to come inside. I couldn’t get within ten feet of her to even pick her up to get her out of the heat. I had to have help getting her back in the house!! She slowly improved over the next week or so but was still scared of everything. Then I had to go outta town for a little over a week. What a difference a few days made!! When I come home she’s like a new dog. Happy, confident and the wiggliest butt you’ve ever seen. And most of all, she doesn’t think I’m going to kill her anymore. As a matter of fact she really even kinda likes me! She does this thing where she’ll put her nose really close to your face and gently sniff around for just the right spot. When she finds that perfect place, she’ll give you a little kiss! Melts your heart especially when this was the same dog who was too scared to come in the house just a short time ago. Dawn gets most of the credit for her change. She’s doing a great job with her. It warms my heart to see Lillie so happy now. She’s going to make someone a great member of their family.

If you are interested in meeting Lillie, please contact

Adoption Fee is $200.00

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