Handsome Lewis is approximately 12-14 months old and is a petite male at 58 lbs. He’s good with other dogs and we suggest a playful friend in the family for some good “wear him out” zoomies . He’s in a foster home with 5 other dogs and enjoys their company. He settles well too, so if you like a couch buddy he’s good with snuggles and a good TV show. His potty incidents were we believe , due to crystals in the urine so he is on a urinary food ( $90 a month). His love of water is approved for his Olympian swimming and ball fetching , but does need to be taken away at 6 pm. He is young so will get into stuff if not watched ( ahem . He’s a lab !) but he does crate well so if you’re busy, give him a chew and he can hang out for abit in the crate. No long hours folks .... just won’t suit him .

Lewis was found in the parking lot of a grocery store . Probably dumped . He is neutered , vaccinated and microchipped and thoroughly vetted !! Lewis IS NOT good with cats or chickens so we think little dogs might not work either although that has not been tested. Contact Lsawllabrescue@gmail.com for an application. Vet checks / home visits are a requirement .

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