This is "Holly" and she's a very happy girl! She's an 8-month old lab mix, approximately 45 lbs, with the most endearing smile in the world. Her coat is silky smooth, and slowly turning darker; we believe she will be a light gold color. At just 5 months old, Holly was abandoned in a Spring, Texas, neighborhood, and left to fin for herself. She is healthy, heartworm negative, and will be spayed on August 14th.

Holly knows her name very well. She also knows "sit", "stay", "no", and will gladly retire to her crate, if asked. She is potty-trained, loves the outdoors, but most of all, yearns to be around other dogs and her human companions. Her favorite place to lay; someone's lap. She has never met a stranger, but she's always curious about things she's never seen before. Holly would love to be friends with a kitty or two, but is unaware of her own strength. She is growing, and her body has yet to catch up with her legs and paws...and what beautiful paws she has!

Holly is eager to learn, has an outgoing personality, and of course, the sweetest disposition. She is just learning to walk on a leash, and still wants to jump up on everyone she sees (ever so lightly). She's so happy to see everyone who visits her! Those are some things we need to work on.

Holly is a good girl. She is currently being crated, because as you know, puppies love to chew on everything. When Holly goes in her crate, she receives a few tiny raw hides, and her Kong chew toy, to help pass the time. She devours her dry dog food (currently 4 cups a day) and has never had an accident in her crate. She never complains; no constant whining or barking.

Holly is energetic, and the 100 yard dash is her best relay. Wow, is she fast! She's full of energy, and rightfully so; she's just a baby. She needs a family who is willing and patient, to guide her on her journey to adulthood.

More than anything, Holly wants love and attention, and must go to a family who has time for her, and will welcome her into their home, as a full-fledged, family member. She is a very special girl to us, and I'm certain, her new folks will feel the same way.

For more information, please contact lonestarlabadoptions@gmail.com.

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