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Henry & Jaxson

These two brothers are estimated at 1 1/2 years old . Jaxson is 49 lbs and Henry is 39 lbs so they are petite lab mixes .

These boys were dumped in the Corridor area of Houston we think at 6 months of age . Street feeders made sure they ate so they knew human kindness . But they also found out about the bad humans . Jaxson was we think, hit by a car as he has two healed fractures in his right hind leg . This does not slow him down though !

The street feeders told us that people were deliberately going off road to hit this little family so LSAWL rushed over to get them . They knew nothing at first about collars and leashes or crates . They are really doing good on leash now and doing pretty good in crates . Jaxson starts hw treatment this week and Henry is headed off to school ! Two week board and train for this little guy . Both are extremely affectionate , need slow intros with other dog’s . We would love to adopt them together if possible as they are so bonded . Applicants would need to continue their training .... LSAWL would sponsor 2 lessons with one of our trainers . Lewis has blue collar , Henry had red . If you are interested email lmaclonestar@gmail.com

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