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Charlie is a 9 month old neutered yellow lab who came into foster care in late May. He was found wandering in a neighborhood and has since become a great addition to the Lone Star Program.

Charlie is a happy, active dog currently living with two other 8 year old dogs. He loves to investigate the yard and chew on bones and toys. Charlie is house broken, crate trained, walks well on a leash and is independent. He doesn't get under your feet, but always keeps an eye on you.

Charlie would do best in a home with older children (over 10) because he needs his 'people' to understand his previous life. We believe he was abused to some extent and, as a result, he has sensitivity to his tail (it appears to be cut, and probably not by a professional). Charlie would do GREAT in a home with another dog who can continue to show Charlie how to "be a dog". He needs an active family that can exercise him regularly to burn off his puppy energy.

Being young, Charlie is still learning that some behaviors are inappropriate, but with consistent care and guidance, Charlie will develop into a super furry family member.


Adoption Fee is $200.00

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