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Mr. Wally Pants is on such an awesome path to domestic bliss! His real name is Wally, but his foster mom can’t resist adding to his sweet personality. We think he came from being an outside dog that was familiar with inside life, but he has now acclimated nicely to full-time domestication and is learning that human affection is a really nice thing.

The vet thinks he is about 3-4 years old, a svelte 65lbs, and mature enough not to need a shoe for a toy or go looking for trouble with a couch cushion. In fact, he is just the opposite and has learned the benefits of being a couch potato, but his favorite place is on foster mom’s king-size bed. In other words, he’s well out of the puppy phase. Oh, did we mention he is also heart worm free!

He has learned how to sit recently, loves his walks and stays inside all day with his older foster sister Camille. He crates beautifully to eat his meals and takes treats with excitement but knows his manners. He is not food, bone, or toy aggressive. In fact, he loves to share his raw hides and Kongs with his foster sister and plays very nicely with her even though she has 15+ pounds on him. Wally will do best preferably in a home with another dog to keep each other company. If you are also looking for a buddy to go places with the family he will make a great traveling companion because he just loves car rides!

Wally is not a fan of cats and will need to go to a cat-free family. He is an excellent hunter so if you have an armadillo under your deck or squirrel in the tree he’s your boy! However, he is not a fan of thunder, heavy rain or fireworks and will find a cramped, dark place to hide and shake. His foster mom has had success with a Thunder-shirt recently and that has reduced some of his anxiety during bad weather.

People are a bit confused by his tail, or lack thereof, and his adorable white toes. We think he is a Labrador/Pointer mix which makes him extra special. Wally is quite a charmer now that he has immersed himself into a calm, comfortable and trusting home with a consistent routine and will make a very loyal dog once bonded.

Contact Lonestarlabadoptions@gmail.com for more info on Wally or to receive an application .

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