Hello there! Come on in and talk to me! My name is Spence and I'm about 1.5 yrs old. I was found wandering in Conroe by a nice lady who took me in for a few days. I was so excited as she let me sleep inside at night right next to her bed in a really comfy dog bed. I was a perfect boy too....I was nice to her elderly poodle and didn't use the bathroom on her nice floors. I tried to be nice and quiet and calm too but then she sat me down and said Spencer (that's what she named me), I think you're one of the greatest dogs I've ever met but I just can't keep you much longer. I became really afraid as I saw the sadness in her eyes and I didn't know what was going to happen to me. But then another nice lady came to visit me one day and said something about taking me away...boy, that didn't sound very good. But it turned out to be a great turning point in my short life! She did take me away but to a family called a foster home. The lady in my foster home treats me just like her own dogs! I was a little depressed when I first came to live with her as I was so confused about what was happening to me. But slowly I came out of my shell and now I hold my tail up high and wag it often, play with the other dogs there, and give lots of love and affection! Life sure has gotten better since I was wandering alone out in the cold but you know what? I would really like to have a family who will keep me forever. My foster mom says she loves me but she can't keep me. I really want a family to keep me and love me always. Could you be that family for me?