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You know how all super heroes have a mild mannered alter ego that conceals their grand potential? Let us introduce Peter Parker, AKA Spider-Man! This precious black Lab mix puppy was turned into the shelter before he was even 3 weeks old. He'd probably been born under a shed and never allowed indoors. He had an awful skin infection from fleas and ticks. While most puppies squirm during their first bath, Peter relished it. Perhaps it was the moment he knew he was destined for a greater purpose - making a human family happy and complete. This little man is the best of both worlds. He's affectionate and playful. Energetic during play time and snuggly once he's had a romp in the back yard. In addition to enjoying bath time, he's a champ when it's time for nail trims. He rides great in a crate in the car. He's toy motivated, and he's already started puppy training! He's begun potty training, chew toy training, learning to sit for attention, to come when called and even to play tug!

We are estimating he'll be about 40 pounds when he's grown. If you think you can be a hero to this little pup, please email to request an adoption application.

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