MAYA 2017

-small black lab mix

-40 pounds

-7 years old


"Honey, I shrunk the dog" could be the headline of Maya's bio. Dainty Maya

is only 18 inches tall at the shoulders. Not quite a toy lab, but an

excellent size for a small house and yard. The poor girl was brought into a

local shelter with her 5 pups. Quickly taken into foster care, she was an

attentive mama dog, raised her pups, and now finds herself a single,

middle-aged dawg looking for the right place to live.

Maya is a sun-smart dog. Being black, she could overheat easily, but she is

efficient at doing her business outside and then heading for the cool

indoors. She hasn't shown interest in the pool, and if outside with the

family, she likes to settle in shade to oversee her people.

She is not a needy dog. She likes to keep an eye on the family, be close

enough for head scratches, but only needs extreme cuddling during

thunderstorms (like most dogs!) Maya is crate-trained and house-trained. She

knows sit, stay, and come, and is working on handshakes.

As she has gotten her figure back and regained her depleted health after

nursing her babies, she has become more playful. Gentle tug of war and ball

fetching is on her agenda these days. She has gained confidence and trust,

and is loving and gentle with humans as well as other dogs. Previously, she

was just very quiet and very self-contained.

Maya is the right dog for a pretty laid back family. She doesn't want to go

for runs or hikes. She likes the cool indoors, a soft place to lie down, and

just being around her family. If a low-key dog is just what you ordered, put

in an application.

Maya did not have the best start in life . We feel she spent her days under

a shed with ongoing litters of pups . She is a survivor though and

appreciates the good life that has come her way now through rescue . We hope

that we can find her a wonderful family that will continue to give her lots

of love , AC:) and good care. ( and a nice chair to call her own !)

Application, home visit, and vet reference required.

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