Do not expect that a black dog called Harley is a revved up, high energy blur of fur. Miss Harley is a very chillaxed, calm, and personable dog who will not jump on your guests or knock your mother-in-law over. This sweet 5 year old beauty is content to lounge. Pools are just big water bowls, not for swimming. Fetch? No.

Harley enjoys playing and running the yard with her canine foster siblings, is gentle with kids, and considered 'no drama' by the teens in her family. Kind of a Miss Congeniality personality.

She would be the perfect pet for an older couple who haven't the inclination to exercise a dog 3 times a day. She would be just as happy on her own as with a pack. Sweet and calm, but small children might actually bother her blissful existence.

She is allowed full run of her foster home during the day whether the family is home or not, because she is totally trustworthy. She is crate-trained, and sleeps there at night. She is mastering 'sit', 'stay', and 'come'. And like any lab, she is always in the kitchen when food is being prepared. In case, you know, a ham falls off the counter....

Application, home visit, and vet reference required. To make a date with her, contact lonestarlabadoptions@gmail.com.

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