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Betty Boop

The original Betty Boop has been referred to as the 1930 cultural icon with

more heart than brains. Not our 4-5 year old Betty Boop! This 75 pound

stunning lady has tons of both. With the personality of a gentle soul, she

gets along with everyone and has never met a stranger. Her manners are

impeccable except when she hears her bowl come out for meals ... then watch

out and listen up .... she will talk up a storm! Totally house trained, she

never needs a crate. With a medium activity level, Betty Boop probably won't

run a marathon with you but will certainly accompany you if enjoy walks.

She enjoys car rides and loves new adventures. She will be a wonderful

addition to a family in search of the perfect lab .... she is about as close

as you're going to get!

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